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This page covers some of the more common questions you may have and problems you might encounter while using our site. If you still can't find an answer to your question/problem here, please contact us as at

How do I make a cancellation?

When you do join with of our billing companies a discreet charge will appear on your account statement. The site name and link won't appear. The data that was recorded when you signed up is used by our tech support to contact you (by email only) and we won't ever sell or give away your personal information or send any mail to your postal address.Please visit the link below to retrieve your password or cancel your membership or check your billing status. You can see the billing agent you were billed with in the email you received with your username and password : >> CCBill Accounts

How often do you add new VIDEOS?
Site is updated at least once per week every Saturday, with a full exclusive video set. When available pictures and other content will be avaiable and posted as extras during the week. There will be updates when more than one video will be post the same day. This will happen just when the video have been split in more than one part. You can see some of this matter in our galleries. No parts are updated separated. If a video is split in more than one part, all of these will be post the same time. All music or special video presentations are publish as they are available, these are not to be consider as updates.

What is the Content Quality?

Our very first videos were filmed in DV format. These videos are on 720 x 480 and 640 x 480. Both sizes are great quality. We actually film all our videos in HD format. Most of the site videos are film in this format. HD videos are original film in 1920 x 1080. Our edition deparment then convert the videos to WMV 960 x 540 pixels in dimension providing a large and super clear crisp viewing experience.

How video formats are available?

There are 2 video formats in the site. WMV on 3 sizes: 960 x 540, 720 x 480, 640 x 420. All three with great HIGH quality. We offer too FLASH video format. These videos size is 908 x 510 at 700k encoding process.

Streaming and Downloading?

Streaming: This is the quickest way of viewing our content for the people who do not wish to download all the content before being able to watch it. This system does work with both video format. Depending on your system video set up you just click on the video link and WM Player will start the streaming. Flash Technology, you can watch by the click of a button the whole video along with having the ability to fastfoward and go watch any desired part in the selected movie without waiting for the whole file to load.

Downloading: Downloading of videos is not authorized, Only the pictures and the pictures zip file can be downloaded. Our download speed is on average around 650kb/s (which is very fast on relative standards).

Will I be able to view videos on my computer?

Most computers today are equiped to handle our videos. Windos Media Video player and FLASH Player are required to play our videos. You should also have a powerful computer capable of handling these larger file sizes. For MAC users you can download the latest WMV Player HERE.

Chart below show what we recommend:

Windows Users System Requirements are : Apple Mac Users System Requirements are :
2.8 GHz or faster computer 1.5 GHz or faster computer
at least 500 MB of Memory (RAM)  at least 500 MB of Memory (RAM)
Windows XP or Vista  Mac OS 9 or 10 and higher
Windows Media Player 9 or higher Windows Media Player for MAC
64MB Video Csrd 64MB Video Csrd
Lots of disk storage space (at least 500 MB free) Lots of disk storage space (at least 500 MB free)


Which video player do you suggest I use?

We advise that you use Windows Media Player to play all the VIDEOS you download on UOMOTV.COM.
Windows Media Player is the default player for all the Windows Platforms, so you don't need to download it again if you have Windows. If you don't have Windows or want to upgrade your current Windows Media Player version, you can use the following link: Download Windows Media Player - (the download page opens in a new window). For FLASH users you can download the latest player version HERE.

Resources for troubleshooting issues:



Any other information no available here, email us at :

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